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The Axles

After losing sleep over the possibility of a broken axle leading to a folded rear quarter panel, we decided to install aftermarket axles. When you think of axles, Moser is the first name that comes to mind, so that's who we decided to call. They are so familiar with the '69 Camaro that we didn't have to measuring anything, they said we know what it takes.

To be consistent with our desires to go 10s, we had to install an axle retention device, i.e. C-Clip Eliminators (That's the block of aluminum near the axle flange).

First step was to remove the old axles. All you need to do is remove the clips. You have to remove the pin that goes through the spider gears to reach the clips.

After the clips are off the axle should pull right out.

Next, unbolt the backing plates and remove. See the sidebar for more.

That will leave you with the housing flange, seal (not shown) and the axle bearing. Remove the bearing and seal to proceed.

As per the C-Clip Eliminator directions, you need to cut off the housing ends - a scary thought, but pretty simple. We started with a Sawzall.

We used the Sawzall to get it close and then used a disc grinder to make it perfect - 1/4" in our case. Don't forget to debur all the edges.

A quick mock-up to make sure all is well. I was really concerned about the flange to flange width, but Moser had it right on the money - very impressive.

For final installation, just clean off the axles and don't be afraid to use a lot of silicone to seal the C-Clip Eliminator to the backing plate and flange.

Contact Info:

Moser Engineering
102 Performance Drive
Portland, IN 47371
Fax 260-726-4159


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I guess the backing plates had never been removed, every bolt snapped off.

The broken bolts were actually rusted into the housing flanges. Requiring a punch and hammer.

Our new axles came with 1/2" studs so the last step was to drill out the drums to fit - no rocket science here.